Programmer Module

Brand: Fireye
Model No: MEP-230
For Product: For Furnace.

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MEP230-Selectable purge timing (7, 30, 60, 90 seconds) PTFI timing, recycle/non-recycle, post purge, prove air open at start.

  • The Fireye MEP230, MEP230H, MEP235, MEP236, MEP237, MEP238 and MEP290 Programmer Modules are used with the Fireye Modular MicroM control. The operational characteristics of the control are determined by the selection of the programmer module. The programmer module incorporates a plug-in design for easy installation.
  • These programmer modules are equipped with a series of dipswitches to select Purge Timing, Pilot Trial for Ignition (PTFI) Timing, Air Flow Proven, Open at Start, and Recycle or Non-Recycle operation. LED indicator lights are on all programmer modules, indicating the operating status of the control as well as providing diagnostic codes during lockout.
  • Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) is determined by the selection of the amplifier module. Test jacks are also provided on the flame amplifier module to permit flame signal measurement during operation. For proper and safe application of this product, you must refer to Fireye bulletin MC-5000 for a detailed description of the various programmer modules, including installation instructions, amplifier selection, operating sequences for each programmer module, etc.
  • The MEP200 series programmers have a series of 6 dipswitches which allow the user to program the purge timing, trial for ignition timing, enable post purge, enable proof of air flow open proven and start and select recycle/non-recycle operation.

Specifications :

  • Product Type : Control Module
  • Type : Recycle, Non-Recycle