Brand: Dungs
Model No: 270906
For Product: For Furnace.

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270906-GasMultiBloc® Control and safety combination One-stage mode MBC-65 DLE-S20

Filter, valves, regulator and pressure switch are integrated in the DUNGS GasMultiBloc® to form a compact fitting.
– Dirt trap: Microfilter
– One regulator and two valves
– Two valves (fast opening)
– Regulator (fast opening) or regulator (slow opening)
– Solenoid valves as per DIN EN 161
Class A Group 2
MBC-65 to 200 mbar (20 kPa)
MBC-120 to 360 mbar (36 kPa)
– Sensitive setting of output pressure via servopressure regulator as per DIN EN 88
Class C Group 2
– Opening delay by means of damped pressure rise
– High flow values at low pressure difference
– DC voltage solenoid drive
– Main valve restrictor downstream of regulator
– Flange connections with tube threads as
per ISO 7/1


  • Max. operating pressure: pmax. 200 mbar (20 kPa)
  • Output pressure ranges P3 (pa): 3 mbar to 15 mbar (0.3 to 1.5 kPa)
  • Media: Gases of gas families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media
  • Ambient temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C
  • Dirt trap device: Filter with 120µm mesh width
  • Pressure switches: Types GW A5, GW A2, NB A2, ÜB A2 can be mounted as per DIN EN 1854. For further information, refer to datasheet GW…A2 No. 213 372 and datasheet GW…A5 No. 225 756
  • Pressure regulator: Servopressure regulator as per DIN EN 88 Class C. Reference value spring is installed permanently (no spring replacement possible).
  • Blow-out line over roof top must not be installed. Internal pulse tap available
  • Solenoid valve V1: Valve as per DIN 161 Class A Group 2, fast closing, fast opening
  • Solenoid valve V2: Valve as per DIN 161 Class A Group 2, fast closing, fast opening
  • Valve V1 and V2: fast closing
    Pressure Regulator=: slow opening
  • Voltage/frequency: ~(AC) 50-60 Hz 220-230 V – 15 % + 10 % Preferred voltages: 110-120 VAC, 24 VDC
  • Electrical connection: Plug connection as per DIN EN 175301-803 for valves and pressure switches or DIN 46342 for safety extra-low voltage

Material of gas-wetted parts:

  • Housing Aluminium
  • Diaphragms, seals NBR basis, cork
  • Solenoid drive Steel, brass, aluminium

Installation position: Vertical, with solenoid pointing upwards or lying with horizontal solenoid and their intermediate layers