Gas Rotary Tilting Dross Recycling Furnace

GDR-B Series

GDR-B Series gas rotary tilting recycling furnace is energy efficient and features a hydraulic or pneumatic tilting system which reduces operator fatigue from manual ladling. This series also features a portable remote controller for operator safety and pouring accuracy. The GDR-B Series is controlled by a PLC and a color HMI touch screen which optimizes performance, operation and efficiency. An optional scrap chute is available. This furnace can be used to recycle aluminum or to recover aluminum from dross using salt flux.

Item US Standard (Al) Metric Standard (Al) Link
Model Holding Melting/h Holding Melting/h More Info
GDR-B-2200 2200 lb 520 lb 1000 kg 235 kg
GDR-B-4400 4400 lb 1045 lb 2000 kg 475 kg
GDR-B-6600 6600 lb 1575 lb 3000 kg 715 kg

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